Super Wash

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Super Wash

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Enhance your car's look with our Super Wash! It includes everything the Classic has to offer, plus our Clear Coat Sealer and Triple Foam Conditioner.

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Clear Coat Sealer - Fortified with natural waxes this premium clear coat protector seals your car in an envelope of shine while warding off the elements which dull your finish.

Triple Foam Conditioner - Adding cleaning power applied at the beginning of the wash with a refreshing clean scent.

Under Flush - A high powered under carriage wash to clean salt and grime from the car where most car washes miss - the bottom.

Rust Inhibitor - Our patented Rust Inhibitor helps prevent oxidation of the metal in your car which leads to that unsightly rust.

Turbo Dry - Our revolutionary drying system features 11 touch-less, hot air blowers each pushing 4,500 cubic feet of air a minute for a total of 750 cubic feet of air a second. This is all topped off by a 960,000 BTU flame heater (during the colder months) which dries nearly every drop of water off your freshly clean vehicle.

Exterior Wash - The foundation of every wash package we offer, our exterior wash is what keeps our customers coming back. Each vehicle is scrubbed and washed by hand with the finest soaps available before proceeding to our fully automated soft cloth wash.